The company undertakes Geological – Environmental studies and exploitation studies of aquifers




The Company “EDAFOMICHANIKI CRETE” provides integrated geotechnical solutions and undertakes all of the following stages..




In the field of mineral raw materials, the Company implements Geological and Technical Exploitation Studies, Environmental Studies and undertakes the handling of….

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Geotech Crete

The company entitled “Geotech Crete” deals with the design and construction of Geotechnical Foundation Works, Water Wells and Energy-saving Projects with specialization in Geothermal Energy Applications

In public works our diploma is 1st category for Drilling Projects & Mining Exploitation ,with experience in Tunnels construction

The company is staffed by permanent scientific staff and has established long lasting cooperation with specialized Consuldants Geotechnical Engineers.

Company’s activities cover the area of Crete , mainland of Greece.

Study and construction of Geothermal Air Conditioning System

Geothermal energy ststems

Saving energy with geothermal energy system is implemented by the company with the method of open or closed circuit.

Basically it is the use of constant temperature of the soil or water in order to build buildings for air conditioning and heating water.

The method installed uses heating pumps and therefore has twice efficiency than conventional air conditioning systems. As a result there is a significant economic benefit for the consumer and for the environment by eliminating the use of conventional fuels.

Open loop system

Closed loop system

Water well - Submersible pumps setting

Water well - submersible pumps setting

In the field of high-reliability water boreholes the company utilizes modern equipment for drilling up to 600 meters deep, and has extensive experience in such projects.

Moreover, the company owns a Drilling Rig Challenger M320 for greater depths up to 1800m for deep geothermal applications.

Besides this equipment, the company has 2 smaller rigs drilling   to a depth till 250m……Read more

Distribution of hydrogenerations

New projects

  • Dam Construction Plakiotisas inclined borehole drilling

  • Study for a closed loop geothermal system of dwelling 240 m2.

  • Geological -Geotechnical premeditation and study of retaining the slopes of the Biological Treatment Unit and of the access road of the Sewage Treatment Plant of Paleochora.

  • Geotechnical investigation to access the failure conditions Chrysoskalitissa reservoir.

  • Construction of a complete system of a water well for water supply, irrigation, geothermal air condition, of hotels - dwelling (open loop geothermal systems).

Corporate News

  • Approved by the ``Partnership Program``

    Approved by the “Partnership Program” and the T.U.C. the FILLGEM proposal, which budget 502,000 euro, and the participation of our Company for the construction of 18 geoenalakton in Crete.

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