The company “Edafomichaniki Crete” has demonstrated a significant number of studies and constructions for many years.

Projects we have completed:

• Construction of a closed geothermal circuit at the Technical University of Chalkida

• Construction of an open geothermal system for the air conditioning of the rooms at the Tsilekakis Hotel in Georgioupolis, Chania.

• Construction of open geothermal circuit at OLYMPION rehabilitation center.

• Construction of a geotechnical program and cement works at the Plakiotissa dam in Heraklion.

• Construction of cement screeds in the “Malaveras Lasithiou” springs.

• Drilling construction to offer 800 cubic meters per hour on behalf of OAK SA, in the area of Myloniana, Chania.

• Construction of klisiomenters to control the slopes at Karpathos dam.

• Construction of boreholes with a length of 60 meters with a 0% deviation for the pendulum installation at the Valsamiotis dam in Chania.

• Construction of sampling drills for the installation of a hotel unit in the Milos area.

The fact that “Edafomichaniki Crete” was a preference for all these important works is of course not a random event and is directly related to the quality and reliability of the services provided during the implementation phase of each project as well as the service and the full technical support after its completion.

  •  Well drilling construction with own equipment
  • Construction of geothermal systems (drilling – equipment)
  • Construction of pump stations – Trading and installation of pump assemblies
  • Environmental subsoil controls – Aquifer restoration
  • Construction of borehole sampling with own equipment
  • Construction of cement installations with own equipment in any kind of construction space

Retaining - Micropiles

The company also specialized in retaining embankments, constructing micropiles and positioning anchors to escavation support or to reinforcement the soil.

In order to ensure the stability of vertical or inclined excavation trenches, for receiving loads from earth pressure and water pressure, temporarily or permanently retaining elements are constructed.

Thereby guaranteeing the adjacent structures and implemented secure building.

The micropiles are small diameter piles to carry loads or reduce distortion.

They can be constructed by small drilling equipment

9m high Landslides of new constructed building in Rethymnon on sand clay soil was encountered by our Company, in cooperation with the construction of extractors and interior columns HEA 280 (Berlin wall method)

Geothermal Energy System

Saving energy with geothermal energy system is implemented by the company with the method of open or closed circuit.

Basically it is the use of constant temperature of the soil or water in order to build buildings for air conditioning and heating water.

The method installed uses heating pumps and therefore has twice efficiency than conventional air conditioning systems. As a result there is a significant economic benefit for the consumer and for the environment by eliminating the use of conventional fuels.

Moreover, the company owns a rig Challenger M320 for greater depths up to 1800m for deep geothermal applications.

Geothermal energy system - Open loop system

In case of underground water (borehole or well), we propose the installation of open-circuit shallow geothermal energy. This system requires 2 wells; one production (pumping) well and one reintroduction well.

The heating pump is inserted and fed by an underground aquifer ensuring the required temperature air through underfloor heating or fan-coil. Special high temperature heating pump is applicable even with conventional radiators.

Then the pumped water returns to the ground through the second borehole reintroducing.

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Geothermal energy system - closed loop

Closed systems geothermal energy systems are applied where there is underground water at relatively shallow depth.

The alternation of heat is through ground heat exchanger in drilling depth 60-100 m at which piping couples are installed in order to bind the energy required by the heating pump.

The soil thermal factors are evaluated while safe design in all positions of heat transfer from the ground is required.

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Enviromental controls of subsoils of aquifers restoration

The Company implements a program of systematic monitoring of groundwater quality, by detecting specific contaminants as well as by evaluating the quantitative overexploitation underground aquifers.

Regarding the aquifer restoration projects the company is involved in the enrichment works / aquifer restoration of Kouroupitos dumpsite.

A) The company implementation the construction of an array of boreholes in Kouroupitos area and at the entrance of the Kouroupitos river.

The surface runoffs are discharged into the underground aquifer improving this way its qualitative of characteristics and improving the existing subsurface contamination.

B) The company applied the method of aquifer recharge in low performance drilling in the area of Lousakies, Chania which was powered by nearby seasonal stream flow with very important results of pumping water during the summer.

Water well - submersible pumps setting

In the field of high-reliability water boreholes the company utilizes modern equipment for drilling up to 600 meters deep, and has extensive experience in such projects.

Moreover, the company owns a Drilling Rig Challenger M320 for greater depths up to 1800m for deep geothermal applications.

Besides this equipment, the company has 2 smaller rigs drilling to a depth till 250m.

The drilling equipment is flanked by various pumping groups with pumping potential capacity up to 400m depth.

Networks and pumping stations are also manufactured on request from customers.

The shallow water wells are also economical solution installing open circuit geothermal energy systems.

Constructing water wells

In the field of drilling the Company has executed a number of projects in both the public and private sector.

The company’s vast know-how in this field and the company’s well trained staff ensure fast and efficient completion of any project.

In addition to the public works, private projects are performed in hotels and other private activities even for domestic use at shallow depth aquifers.

The projects are completed with the installation of pumps and there is the option to apply open circuit geothermal energy systems.

For all the above mentioned constructions licenses are issued.

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Submersible pumps installation - pumping station construction

Drilling works can be delivered ready to operate by placing the submersible pumps and constructing the pumping stations.

Modern electromechanical equipment from selected pump manufacturers is used to ensure the safe operation and long-term function of the facilities.

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