Necessary supporting documents for a geothermal permit

Α/Α Necessary supporting documents Deposition by the Applicant
1 Application – Study addressed to the responsible authority Deposition by the Applicant
2 Valid photocopy of ownership title or usufruct on the property or photocopy of the final certificate of registration in the land register Deposition by the Applicant
3 Certified photocopy of a building permit or a legalization permit for a common building Deposition by the Applicant
4 A photocopy of the validated topography of the previous paragraph, on which the engineer of the project shall sign the location of the boreholes to be blasted, as well as all the underground and surface works to be constructed Deposition by the Applicant
5 Fire protection study approved by the local Fire Brigade, as required by applicable law. Deposition by the Applicant
6 Fee foreseen for the case by the joint decision of the Deputy Ministers of Economy and Finance No. D7 / Β / οικ.13803 / ΓΔΦΠ / 4213 / 4.8.2004 (Government Gazette 1228 Β) as this is the case. Deposition by the Applicant
7 Evidence of depositing Fund entitlements and fees of scholars, in accordance with the applicable legislation. Deposition by the Applicant
8 Indication of the certification elements of pumps and systems used in the application – study or submission of photocopies of certificates. Deposition by the Applicant
9 If the property is on a beach or the system’s networks extend to the beach or the seaside permit or approval required by the provisions of Law 2971/2001 (Government Gazette 285 A) Deposition by the Applicant
10 In case of consumption of water (ie non-recovery of the total water used by the original recipient) the provisions required by the provisions of Article 11 in conjunction with Article 16 of Law 3199/2003 (Government Gazette A 280) Deposition by the Applicant
11 Responsible declaration of Law 1599/1986, which will certify the assignment and undertaking of the supervision of the construction of the installation, by the relevant legal permits. It will also confirm this accuracy of the submissions of the application – study